Hola amigos y bienvenidos,

I am honoured to continue as patron for the Spanish Film Festival in 2014, and I would like to invite you to join me in celebrating the programme of 30 exceptional contemporary Spanish-language films that comprise the programme this year at Palace Cinemas. In particular, I am delighted to see two outstanding, multi 2014 Goya-award-winning titles book-ending the festival: the Opening Night film, David Trueba's Living is Easy With Eyes Closed, and the zany Alex de le Iglesia offering Witching & Bitching, which will close the festival.

Art is an essential and unique way to experience any culture. Bringing Spain to Australia is something that I strive to do within my own work. I hope that through my choreography at Sydney Dance Company, audiences will experience a part of my Spanish heritage, consciously or sub-consciously. Spanish film is another way for Australians to enjoy the things our cultures share, and equally as importantly, experience the differences. This year's programme explores so many facets of the Spanish culture, so I encourage everyone to see as many films as possible!

Being a proud Spaniard, it gives me great joy to see many Spanish products involved in the festival, making it a truly authentic experience. The special events throughout the festival will be wonderful fiestas including Spanish beer and wine to accompany a variety of tapas or sweets and dynamic entertainment. These events paired with the films are an important way of sharing Spanish culture abroad. I therefore urge you to embrace all things Spanish and immerse yourself in this fantastic celebration of Spanish cinema!

¡Disfrutad el festival!


Festival Patron
Artistic Director, Sydney Dance Company